“Throw Me A Line”: the new mesmerizing song released by HAEVN is pure gold

After two years of concerts across the Netherlands and lots of late hours spent in their studio in Amsterdam, Marijn van der Meer and Jorrit Kelijnen are finally bringing you a ray of light with their mesmerizing new song.

“Throw Me A Line” is the first single from HAEVN’s upcoming EP.

“This song is the result of a long development in our musical identity aiming for more depth, dynamic and uniqueness in our music. To bring this song to life we have recorded a 40 piece string orchestra together with Marijn’s vocals at the same time. Inspired by love songs from the 80’s and film composers we are on a mission to create long length stories again – not repeating hooks over and over – but transporting the listener on an adventure to a different world”, said the band.

The video was directed by Bram van Alphen and it was filmed in the middle of the Netherlands.

The story of the Dutch band HAEVN began when the film composer Jorrit Kleijnen was introduced to Marijn van der Meer, along with whom he had to create advertising spots for Volvo and BMW. Together, they have composed “Where The Heart Is” and “Finding Out More”. Only 30 seconds of one song were enough for them to seduce the audience and to reach the international charts of Shazam.

From the beginning HAEVN teamed up with Tim Bran, the talented producer behind the famous Birdy and the London Grammar trio. Following up on their debut album “Eyes Closed”, HAEVN receiving over 125 million streams.

2021 could not have started better than this.

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