Nina June’s new EP is perfect for seductive summer nights

Nina June. Photo © Rui Reis Maia

Today I have discovered the soundtrack of this summer and it is an elegant and seductive one. You know me, I’m all for melancholic and cinematic music that will make our connection profound and meaningful. That’s why Nina June caught my attention again, this time with her new EP “Side A: Our Garden”. The material contains five songs: Rainbow Ashes, World on Fire, Like an Enemy, Our Garden, Trust Fall – and I think all of them will make you dream about seaside and dune landscape.

“I’ve recorded them in London in between two lockdowns. The songs are about the state of the world, love, friendships, things that make us ill and about how a crisis can turn out to be the perfect soil to grow. ‘Side A – Our Garden’ is part of a bigger story that will unveil itself in the upcoming year”, Nina June said.

She wrote the song “Our Garden” together with Marijn (HAEVN).

Ever since the whole world was locked because of the pandemic, we all dreamed with open eyes about the moment when we will be able to attend concerts again. The great news is that Nina is going on an international tour.  

“Also, I’m super stoked to announce my first international headline tour. From July on, we’ll be playing shows throughout The Netherlands, Germany and the UK”, Nina June said.

You can find all dates and ticket links on her website.

“I really can’t wait to play live again, I missed being on the road with my friends, playing music for you guys. My heart needs this. I hope your heart needs this too”, Nina June said.

The Amsterdam-based singer promised there will be more music in the upcoming year.

Until then, you can meet Nina this summer in Vondelpark Openluchttheater in Amsterdam, at NIB Art Festival in Dresden, and at “Mañana Mañana Festival” in Laren.

You can listen to her new EP on your favorite platform now.

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