Let’s Have a Moment Under The Purple Skies with Hollow Coves

Ryan and Matt. Photo © Hollow Coves

Isn’t it wonderful how fast music can travel from one side of the world to another? Today, right after my show, I had to recharge myself with a beautiful song. Of course it is on repeat right now and I hope its flavour will do some magic on you too.

I’m happy to tell you that the Australian indie folk band Hollow Coves just released the new song “Purple”.

“Purple” by Hollow Coves

“Purple is a song that Matt wrote after a pivotal moment in his relationship with a girl who he since went on to marry. One afternoon, early on in their relationship, they sat beside a lighthouse in Fingal Headland and put everything on the table. It was the first time they were completely vulnerable with each other and it opened a door to a whole new dimension in their relationship. The song was inspired by this moment”, Ryan says.

By the lighthouse on the hill we opened a door to a different world, leaving everything behind

Hollow Coves

“We recorded ‘Purple’ over the course of a few days earlier this year in a studio called The Grove Studios just outside of Sydney. We had the pleasure of working with producer Andy Mak, his go-to engineer Jackson Barclay, and Harry Day from Middle Kids on drums”, Ryan and Matt says.

If you haven’t gotten the chance yet to hear them Live, I’m happy to tell you that the boys from Hollow Coves are returning overseas for shows this coming May / June across Europe and the UK.

Photo © Hollow Coves
Photo © Hollow Coves

For the fans in Australia, they’ve added even more shows to the tour starting in less than two weeks.

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