5 songs that will help you unwind at the end of a long day

If today was a long month for you too, don’t worry, I got you covered. I have the perfect tunes that will take care of your emotions and will clear your mind before going to bed.

1. Fly by Gnarly Gibbs and Reggii

“Take your toes in the sand, can you feel the beat?”. This song will put you under the clear moon and will definitely make you plan your next escape to the seaside.

2. At Home by Jon Bryant

This canadian guy will charm you with his voice and he will make you feel at home and fall in love with his music. You will have him on repeat if you adore the tunes with a maritime influence.

3. Bound by RY X

Ry Cuming definitely has a unique way of doing music. Once you will hear his songs you will start loving his art unconditionally.

4. Feeling You by Harrison Storm

He is a beautiful mix between Jeff Buckley and Angus Stone. Not to mention that guitar and his soulful voice, both will do the trick for you.

5. Wildfire by SYML

Sensitive souls need a bit of SYML in their life. Brian Fennell is one of the most genuine artists that I have ever met.

If you liked my recommendations, you can go anytime on Spotify and listen to my playlist.